What you should know About L-1 Visa Preference Program for USA Relocation

What you should know About L-1 Visa Preference Program for USA Relocation

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The United States of America has been known to offer a world of opportunities to people of all stature. However, the opportunity would be offered in the form of hard work. You cannot expect to reach the United States and expect a lavish life instantly without work. America has been called as ‘The Land of Opportunities’ for the reason that you would have employment, provided you have the zeal to work. With hard work, you would be successful in the United States and live a happy and prosperous life while availing the benefits offered by the State government.

More people looking forward to relocating to USA

With a dream of a better future, a majority of hopeful people are looking forward to relocating to USA. However, not all would be able to go through the complicated and lengthy visa process. It would be pertinent to mention here that you should have adequate knowledge of the various kinds of visas made available for US relocation along with the one that is suitable to your specific relocation needs.

Do you have specialized knowledge?

In case, you were looking forward to relocate to USA with specialized knowledge that would be benefiting for the economy of the United States, you should consider logging on to https://www.amlawglobal.com/other-immigration-services/l-1-visa/. The visa attorney on this platform would be able to help you make the most of the L-1 visa program specifically designed for intra-company transferees.

What is the L-1 Visa?

The L-1 visa has been specifically for intra-company transferees. It is a temporary non-immigrant visa program enabling the transfer of foreign workers. However, the foreign workers would be that of executive or managerial position. They would be on the position requiring highly specialized skill or knowledge for a specific post or job. They would be relocating to the US and continue to work with same employer. They could also be working with its parent, affiliate or branch.

Need for the L-1 Visa program

The L-1 visa or preference program was launched for facilitating the expansion of foreign companies to the United States of America. The company could be the one ranging from trade mission of the branch.

Presently, the L-1 Visa would help executives and entrepreneurs in relocating to USA. However, the intention should be to establish or manage local offices of foreign company or the affiliates. The visa has been popular for granting spouse or minor children (under 21) with a chance to acquire special L-2 visa for dependents. The L-2 visa would enable them to reside, study and work in the USA, as long as the L-1 visa holder would be able to maintain his or her visa status.

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