Tips for Reporting Accidents That Occur in the Workplace

Tips for Reporting Accidents That Occur in the Workplace

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It is crucial that any workplace comes with an effective approach to reporting accidents for several reasons – in many countries the greater severe accidents will have to be as reported by law towards the relevant agency for example HSE, OSHA, WorkCover etc. accident reports are generally a key fact in Insurance claims and insurance matters but first and foremost to assist prevent future accidents by being aware of what causes accidents at the workplace and also the nature of the unfortunate circumstance you have.

It is crucial that “all” accidents are reported and recorded not only the greater severe accidents – all of the research done through the years shows us the accidents with major injuries were usually foreseeable when we consider the less serious injuries brought on by similar factors – near misses and minor injuries most likely take into account over 80-90% of accidents, accidents requiring fundamental first-aid another 8-9% the greater severe accidents where individuals set time aside or are badly hurt take into account around 1-3% of accidents – thus when we watch for that small percentage to occur we’ll never flourish in reducing accidents at the office.

The topic of accident reporting is very complex and it has many factors but key causes of not reporting accidents are:

The shape takes forever to accomplish

“I’d rather not enter into difficulties for reporting things”

“There is no point nobody ever does anything about the subject”

“I do not know in which the book/forms are”

“It had been merely a scratch. I am not filling an application set for that”

Simple Forms & Systems:

Nobody will deny there are occasions you’ll need a large amount of information to know how any sort of accident happened and the way to prevent future ones – however, many could be described inside a sentence or more.

Staff and Managers will be able to report most accidents within minutes – any type that can take greater than this to accomplish is way too complex and can discourage reporting.

Equally it’s very easy to obtain obsessive about forms – however the modern day bought us computers and electronic mail – a fast electronic mail if used correctly makes it possible for simple accidents to become reported rapidly and just.

Understanding Why and inspiring:

If staff think the forms use a large pile, that it is simply about statistics, that issues aren’t fixed they’re not going to report accidents equally they’re not going to report minor accidents because they do not always understand that information can help to save a larger accident lower the road.

So its essential that in complete safety inductions the necessity to report accidents is stressed, that accident reports are applied if solutions are possible -when there is not an answer today a minimum of make certain people know you are considering it and clearly that accident reports don’t result in reprimands ought to be course.

Enhancing the staff observe that reporting low consequence accidents today can help to save their friend discomfort lower the road is frequently enough by itself to assist encourage reporting.


Existence changes rapidly twenty years ago it was about getting forms on your wall or around the desk – now its frequently about finding them rapidly around the Intranet.

Recognise where and how your employees work – take action that meets – internet based solutions are ideal for office staff – yet traditional paper is most likely needed inside a workshop where they may be grabbed rapidly.

But make sure they are no problem finding ideally visible to everybody constantly.

Comprehend the Information:

Employers have to be careful they do know the reports – not only to relation to the things they can physically improve but additionally exactly what the information informs you when it comes to patterns. Accident statistics possess a poor status for that simple reason they avoid every record technique known – raw figures should not be discounted but make certain you realize what it really informs you.

Risk Assessments

Always take a look at risk assessments – was the accident under consideration recognized like a danger, would be the controls within the risk assessment really in position, may be the risk assessment really workable – or perhaps is the danger assessment idealistic and unworkable – and even do we have to evaluate the risk assessment.

Self Review:

To sort out how effective your accident reporting is there’s some a quick question that the right answer had better be apparent:

Have you got a minimum of 8 occasions the amount of near misses and minor cuts etc as accidents requiring first-aid?

Have you got a minimum of 8 occasions as numerous first-aid and occasional consequence accidents reported when compared with accidents that break bones or require staff to possess days off?

Will the form take greater than 2 minutes to accomplish for any simple accident?

Has any accident report brought to a general change in work?

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