Benefits of Using a Solicitor to Make Your Will

Benefits of Using a Solicitor to Make Your Will

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Many people, especially here in the United Kingdom, think that a will is just a simple document. However, it contains a list of your wishes including how you want your assets to be distributed when you no longer here. Yes, it may sound like something you do not need to do right now, but the drafting process is quite complicated.

A will comes with legal consequences which are immense and will be taken seriously when you gone. Remember that you will be passing down your assets (some worth millions of pounds) to your family members. Even a slight spelling mistake will get you into legal trouble and render your will null and void.

This why you need a professional solicitor to help you create a legally binding document that will live on when you are no longer there to take care of your family. Your property can become a source of pain and war in your family, which only a legally written will can solve. He or she will perform the following critical roles for you. Get help through where they know how to handle all matters related to a will right from writing to executing.

1.    They Handle the Complicated Details of the Will

Once you hire a solicitor to draft your will, he or she will not only do this but also take care of the legal loopholes in this specific field of law. They understand almost all aspects of writing such a document from factors touching on inheritance tax to guiding you in settling on the best options for your beneficiaries and assets.

2.    Your Family Has Well Protected If Something Goes Wrong

Here in the UK, all solicitors are regulated by SRA, and if you are not pleased with your will, you are free to complain to the Legal Ombudsman. Also, if a problem arises from your will after your death, the solicitor who drafted the will is the individual who will be held into account. In fact, the law allows any family member to make a claim against them.

3.    Solicitors Follow the Prescribed Legal Procedures and Rules

Once you hire a solicitor, you free yourself from the standard errors that come with wills. These include the document not being signed or a beneficiary not being there to witness the entire process. The solicitor takes the whole responsibility and must follow all legal steps.

4.    The Solicitor Will Keep Your Will Properly Secure

Did you know that at least one in 10 wills in the United Kingdom go missing when one dies? When this happens, it causes enormous inconveniences and results in unnecessary worry at such a difficult time for both the family and friends. Luckily, with a solicitor, you can feel at ease knowing that you will, will be stored using the most robust security measures possible.


A will is a crucial document that should be created with care and professionalism making the work of a solicitor all the more critical. Although the costs of hiring this individual are higher as compared to doing it yourself, you’ll be saving your family from a lot of legal wrangles when you are no longer there to tell them your wishes.

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