Apply to humanitarian and compassionate grounds

Apply to humanitarian and compassionate grounds

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The people, who have been living and working in Canada for many years without having any valid immigration status, can apply for permanent residency under this H&C program. provide assistance in all types H&C cases.

What is humanitarian and compassionate application (H&C)?

H&C application is used to ask for special permission to stay in Canada while their permanent residence application is processed. Generally H&C is a last effort to stay in Canada. People generally apply for H&C for two major reasons such as; hardship and risk.

Hardship refers to the circumstances that would cause you some serious troubles or suffering. You can apply for it if any of these circumstances force you to leave Canada and return to your home country. Hardship can be any medical hardship or proving hardship.

Risk refers to a severe possibility. You must prove that you face one or more of these risks such as Persecution or being treated roughly due to your religious or political beliefs, Torture, Risk to life and risk of cruel or unusual punishment.

How to apply for H&C?

 If, you have decided to apply for H&C grounds, follow the further mentioned steps. 

  1. Visit the Canadian immigration website and apply your application under Humanitarian & Compassionate Cases. You can either contact through the phone number or can directly visit the web portal for more enquiries about your case.
  2. Follow the guide rules very closely and complete all the necessary forms. Make certain that you answer all the queries.
  3. If, you want to apply as a failed refugee, Make sure that you do not include the police clearance or Canadian medical exam because, you have already submitted these documents along with your refugee claim. If you will be accepted, Canada Citizenship and Immigration authority will ask you for a latest medical exam and police clearance.
  4. Make a copy of all the documents for your records before sending the application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
  5. Send your application by a registered post or express post so that you can get its confirmation when it is received.

Risk involves:

  • This application does not save individual from being deported, unless the individual is waiting for a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA).
  • There are only 20% chance of succeeding
  • Individual has to proof that Individual deserves for it and alone are accountable for providing the appropriate information and documentation
  • Applying for H&C is quite costly: $550 per adult and $150 per child. If, you hire an attorney then more expenses will add to your pocket.

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